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The UK team at the 2022 world championships

Path to the World Championships

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The GBPRA is responsible for selecting the team to represent the UK at the PRS world championships.

Learn how you can get involved.

The Precision Rifle World Championships are organised by the International Precision Rifle Federation (IPRF), there are currently over 24 countries that are members of the federation, the UK being one of the founding members. 

A World Championship is ran every year, alternating between Rimfire and Centrefire, 2025 is a Rimfire WC year, 2024 is Centrefire. 

There are 7 divisions available for centrefire and 5 for rimfire.

Accordingly the GBPRA will always try to send a full team in each, with 4 places in each division except Open which has 6 (a full breakdown of divisions can be found on the IPRF website)

Each Country is charged with selecting their teams, the GBPRA has created two pathways for selection as listed below:


Rimfire Qualification 2024

For 2024 we are running the rimfire selection via our Affiliate program.

We will select the best shooters from amongst those sent by our affiliates to the qualification matches we run in 2024.

For more information on the affiliate program visit the PR22 page.


Centrefire Qualification 2023

We are extremely lucky to have partnered with some amazing match providers for 2023.

Team GB will be selected from those that have score the most qualification points, qualification points will be made up of the best 2 matches shot at separate venues in the year, in that division.

Anyone wishing to shoot outside the UK must inform the GBPRA 2 weeks in advance for us to announce it and check it meets the requirements.

The following dates are approved qualifiers.

12 February – C2 Precision, Bisley

25/26 February – Precision Rifle Series UK

18 March – Big Send It Series, Gardners Guns, Eskdalemuir

8/9 April – Precision Rifle Series UK

10/11 June – Precision Rifle Series UK

8 July – Big Send It Series, Gardners Guns, Eskdalemuir

5/6 August – Precision Rifle Series UK

9/10 September – Precision Rifle Series UK

7/8 October – Precision Rifle Series UK

To find discover the current standings for selection to the team visit the qualification leaderboards.