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Team GB Raffle Winners

At 2000 we ran our Team GB raffle prize draw live on Facebook.

Firstly we’d like to congratulate all of our Team GB Raffle winners, but also everyone who bought a ticket. We managed to sell 530 tickets raising an amazing £2,650 to help send the Team GB to the World Championships in Italy this year. It’s much appreciated.

We of course couldn’t have done it within the wonderful people that donated prizes to the raffle, the amount of support we have had from individuals and companies has really shown how much of a great community PRS has in the UK.

So without any further ado, here is the list of winner. We will be contacting them all shortly to arrange their prizes.

It’s not too late to support the team, we are running a precision rifle beginner course this month and all proceeds are going towards helping the team, members of which are also guest instructors, so a great opportunity to learn from the best

Find out more here

2022 World championships

Watch the draw here

Sean Clarke 571. Team GB shirt 
David Barnes1082. Tuition with Ryan and Andrea
Lucas Westcough2973.  Tuition with Lawrence Barnes
Alex Perkins1254. Tuition with Tom Rice 
ian mcmahon3225. Tuition with Dean Hadfield
Alex Perkins4606. Roe Buck Stalk
Andrew Smith2107. Fallow deer Stalk
Charles Martin628. Celtic Precision barricade bag combo
jack ayres sumner229. MoD range day
Jack Ferns20210. Cerakote paint job
Gregory Bell29411. Metal Tree Barricade
Heather Armstrong1312. Metal Tree Barricade
PRS UK1013. Praesidia Range Organiser 
Greg Coleman35514. Praesidia Shooting Mat
David Barnes12015. PRS UK Training day
Wayne richards46316. JR Firearms gunsmithing
Charles Martin45117. A day pistol shooting 
Alice Bond38618. Bore-guide 
Joe Pask37519. Bore-guide 
Charles Martin8520. Bore-guide 
Dave Arnold12921. Bore-guide 
Charles Martin45622. Bore-guide 
PRS UK31823.  Brock & Norris Reloading block 
Christian Westcough272 24. Brock & Norris Reloading block 
Jack Raynham50925. Executive coaching 
Chris J DEARDEN34326. Tier One QD Monomount
Jacob Schwartz45027. ATAC Bipod
Scott Rogers40528. AI goodie bag 
David Owen27829. Morning and Evening Fallow stalk

1 thought on “Team GB Raffle Winners”

  1. Thank you guys & gals, I bought my tickets purely to support the team. I would like it if you could raffle them to help obtain more funds for the team.
    Best wishes
    Dave Barnes
    (Lawrence’s Dad)

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