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PR22 in Northern Ireland

One of our most active affiliate clubs is Creggagh Field Target Club in N. Ireland, with a devoted set of shooters spearheading rimfire precision rifle shooting on the other side of the Irish sea.

Recently Keith Bradley one of the driving forces behind PR22 in NI gave us the low down on his hugely anticipated September match.

“I have been speaking to a few shooters from UK about the scheduled 2 day .22 PRS match at Creggagh Field Target Club in N. Ireland.

Registration is via Practiscore and is open at the moment.

The shoot will start at 1000 Friday 15th September with 8-10 stages shot on day one. We will have a couple of charity stages for Friday evening such as PRS skills stage, KYL and there will be a split of the money raised for the winner of each stage.

There will be a BBQ on site and camping will also be permitted at the range, with Toilet facilities on site etc.

Saturday will start again at 1000 and will be 8 – 10 stages and will be wrapped up by 1630.

If you are coming from Midlands or further south my preference would be to go via StenaLine out of Liverpool. The evening sailing leaves at 2230 and with a cabin you get a decent nights sleep and you will be on the road for 0700 the next morning.

The Range is approx. 1 hr from Belfast so you would be fine with the Thursday evening sailing and have time to make it to the range for the Friday shoot. The Saturday night sailing will be possible with plenty of time to spare after the shoot.

Stenaline is very straightforward when traveling with Firearms and it is only a case of calling them after the booking is made online with the booking reference and inform them you are traveling with sporting firearms.

No more than 1000 rounds of ammo is allowed per booking which wont be a problem.

If you are a member of BASC you will receive 15% discount off the ferry booking , it is worth checking out. Also Country sports Ireland offers a similar discount and is only about £30 per year to join which you would save with the discount on the ferry booking.

Any queries please give me a shout as it would be great to get shooting with some of you over here in Gods country 😊

For more details visit our events page or email Keith Bradley /