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Excellent introduction to Precision Rifle – 16 July

We often get asked “what is the best way to get in precision rifle?” and the usual answer most of us will give is to simply dive straight in. But, whilst those of us already involved know how friendly, helpful and relaxed matches are, this is an unknown to newbies and so it can still be quite daunting.

We therefore held our second “PR1: Introduction to Precision Rifle” training day at Monmouth & District Rifle Club on Sunday 16th July 2023, with 14 attendees wanting to get in to the sport. We were fortunate enough to have 5 of the PR22 Team GB squad helping coach throughout the day, as lets be honest, there is little I can bring to the table past the theory part!

We started off in the classroom, with myself and Ryan going through the basics of precision rifle – from rifle setup, equipment, ballistics, the running of a match and most importantly of all, safety. From here, we went in to the tunnel to demo equipment and barricades, before running everyone through the GBPRA’s safety assessment… and I am pleased to say everyone passed first time!

Now we knew everyone was safe, we headed out in to the Welsh countryside (which happens to fortunately be right next to the indoor range) where we had a selection of barricades and steels set up to just shy of 200m. With the gusty conditions, this was going to be a challenge even to the more experienced. Equipment from the bargain basement through to bespoke Gucci was made available to all, and squads were set up and divided between our expert coaches, and all attendees were able to put into practice what they had learned. Before you knew it, everyone was hitting steels on a regular basis under match equivalent conditions. The smiles on peoples faces never gets boring! Feedback was provided by the coaches, and as the afternoon progressed, you could barely talk over the constant sounds of “IMPACT!” being shouted. It was epic to see each and every attendees improve as the day went on, due to confidence, practice and of course the expert tuition they were receiving.

After finishing up, the immediate feedback on the course was excellent and so anyone thinking of getting in to this sport, I couldn’t recommend attending the next one enough. Some of the emails received after stated comments like “It’s a fantastic gateway to get people into the discipline!” and “Thanks to the team for delivering a thoroughly enjoyable day. You all shared your knowledge, experience and kit so freely it made for a truly remarkable day” – I may be a lawyer but these are genuine comments! The group who attended were all, as you would expect, excellent company and we look forward to seeing them on the firing line soon – even if i am confident some will be challenging the establishment before you know it!

Whilst the main aim of the course was, and will be going forward, to introduce new folks to our sport it was also great to see such a level of support with all the proceeds going to the Team GB PR22 squad to help towards their World Championship campaign.

Lastly, a massive thank you to everyone who attended, but special mention to Andre, Ryan, Andrea, Alan and Adam for their assistance and expert guidance!


Adam Sinfield

GBPRA Secretary

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  1. I’d be interested to know when any more of these intros to PRS are being planned, in case I could attend.


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