1. How do I qualify for an IPRF event?

To do this you must take part in at least 2 sanctioned events at an approved range. Your scores will be collated and taken into consideration against other shooters. If you score high enough in your chosen division or category you will be selected to shoot as part of the GBPRA team at IPRF events. It is anticipated that the top 4 shooters in each category will shoot for the GBPRA. If one or more of these shooters declines the invitation, the offer will pass to the next highly placed shooter in that respective category.

2. Where can I shoot to qualify?

We recognise that clubs can utilise/ book a sanctioned venue and we are working on a framework by which clubs utilising appropriate facilities could submit their courses of fire to enable the GBPRA to confirm alignment with the principles of IPRF style competition. Further details regarding this will be released when available. 

3. What conditions do I need on my FAC to take part in qualification shoots?

We anticipate that all suitable and sanctioned ranges/venues will have appropriate insurance and will either be a home-office approved club or a commercial range with an appropriate range area and danger template, as such the ‘target condition’ on your licence should be sufficient. If you have concerns or questions regarding this, please email  info@gbpra.co.uk

4. Can I use ALQ (zero and practice) conditions to shoot in a qualification competition?

Such FAC conditions are for hunting and the associated practice that comes with ensuring competence in that respect. These specific licence conditions are not designed or intended to facilitate target shooting, especially in competitions. We would advise you speak with your local FEO with any questions around your FAC conditions.

5. If I qualify for an IPRF event will I have to pay for my own travel?

Yes, selected shooters will be expected to pay for their own travel but the GBPRA will look to provide support for qualifying shooters where it can. We are ‘not for profit’ and plan to put every penny of membership fees back into the Association for the benefit of the members. 

6. Can my local HO Club host qualification events?

The GBPRA are committed to expanding the sport of precision rifle and recognise that many members will shoot regularly at their home office approved club shoots, which may align to the IPRF framework to a varying degree. The GBPRA appreciate that range constraints (square military range vs field area) and target type (steel vs paper vs electronic), should not preclude such shoots contributing points to the GBPRA points tables. Given the number of variables, the committee are currently putting a framework in place to widen participation to HO approved clubs and further information will be available in due course. 

7. How much is the club training for members?

Unless stated otherwise all club training sessions are free to full members. The only time a course would incur a fee would be due to a requirement from the venue or due accommodation or travel costs.

8. If I do not have an FAC can I still join?

Of course. We encourage membership from people who are new to the sport and have a number of training and development programmes that will offer maximum exposure to the sport before you even pull the trigger.

9. Why do you not have all ranges or shooting facilities as qualification shoots? 

Unfortunately, we have not been able to encourage all of the viable ranges and event organisers to engage at this stage for a number of reasons. We will continue to offer them the opportunity and support to do so for the benefit of their members and future growth in participation at their events.

10. Can I vote on elections to the committee and can I put myself forwards for election?

Absolutely! We are all very proud of what we have achieved but equally we accept that our members should decide the direction that the GBPRA takes. To this end we must have a free and fair election as soon as possible as outlined in the constitution.

11. Can we join as a HO Club like we do with the NRA and benefit from affiliation?

We plan to offer affiliate membership to HO Clubs which will enable them to host qualification events. More information about this will appear in due course. 

12. Can I shoot with a factory rifle and qualify?

Yes you can, there are divisions and categories you can qualify for. This link to the IPRF shows the options –  https://www.precisionrifle.org/

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