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Pro-Shoot Precision Match


10 August 2024    
All Day

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Pro Shoot Precision is pleased to finally announce the launch of our all-new Pro Shoot Precision 22lr series, a total of 8 matches in 2024 brought to you in association with Viking Arms!
Hot off the press from our nation’s success at the inaugural 22lr world championship in Italy last summer, we felt what better time to launch a new and exciting format for you, the shooters, to get stuck into!
Upon our return, a group of team shooters banded together, all with a simple mission statement: to (attempt to) offer elite-level rimfire matches to the UK market. And we’re very pleased to bring to light our first offering, Celtic Carnage!
Celtic Carnage will call into action our brand new props, firing points, directions and angles of fire to complement our completely redesigned and renewed target banks. Each of these marked clearly and comprising of more squares, rounds and diamonds than a child’s play cube!
However, that’s not all that’s new to get your head around..
We have thought long and hard about re working our scoring system and have finally, after many hours of heated debate, settled on something! We’re hoping the changes should rightfully reward outstanding performance but not in anyway disregard hard work and attendance!
Long and short, whether you’re a seasoned competitor at the pinnacle of your game or a relative newcomer, rest assured that you stand a chance not only in each match, thanks to our killer match sponsors, but also come October, you could walk away with a truly extraordinary division prize courtesy of VIKING ARMS 🏆.
Pro Shoot Firearms
Caerphilly, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland