Show your support for Precision Rifle Shooting in the United Kingdom by becoming a member of the Great Britain Precision Rifle Association!

Not only will you be eligible to qualify for the International Precision Rifle Federation World Championships in Europe 2022, which will bring together the best shooters from 20 countries across the globe, you will also be supporting the growth and future official recognition of our fantastic sport here in the UK.

As we build the GBPRA community, so do we also hope to bring together all Precision Rifle match and series providers, at all venues across the nation, sharing competitor results that will displayed on a National Leader Board. In the future, if you are a member of the GBPRA and only shoot matches at one venue, you will still be able to see how your score compares to another member shooting at a different venue and you can both use your results to qualify for the World Championships, which will come round every second year.

As we work to extend qualifying venues to all match and series providers, presently, as a GBPRA member, your results at the Precision Rifle League Short Range Precision competitions will form your path to qualification at the IPRF Worlds. Presently, there are three sanctioned matches with more to be announced soon as PRL opens at more venues and additional match dates are released.

You will have plenty of opportunities to post your best scores and join the best in 2022!

As a member of the GBPRA you will also become automatically eligible to attend GBPRA events and attend any training courses, clinics as well as regional and national competitions we organise. More information will follow as we work to bring top Precision Rifle shooters and respected trainers from around the world to the UK to help shooters at all levels improve their skills.

We will also invest in the promotion of firearms safety, introductions to the sport for all those interested but not yet shooting and, crucially, growing a fully trained and experienced network of Range Officers and Spotters/Scorers who will then be available to support at matches the length and breadth of the country.

Benefits of being a full member of the GBPRA

Eligible to qualify for the IPRF World Championships

Match scores entered on to the UK National Leader Board

Full access to the GBPRA members only website and facebook group

Unique training and development opportunities

Exclusive events and discounts at GBPRA hosted matches and training days

Membership card

GBPRA hook and loop patch and vinyl sticker

The opportunity to have a say in the future development of the sport

Before applying to join, we recommend that you read in full the constitution of the GBPRA and all associated rules, policies and information

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