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Amazon Associate products

To try and help raise money to forward the aims of the GBPRA have established an amazon associate account, the association make a small amount of commission on any items purchased with the links below.

These are all tried and tested precision rifle products.

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Arctise Tripod

An excellent inexpensive carbon fibre tripod, it’s currently being used by some of the top UK shooters. With a maximum load of 40kg, camouflage leg coverings, includes spiked and rubber feet, coming in at 2.7 kg.

All for only £373.

Innorel Tripod

An extremely cost effective tripod with many of the features found on high end products. Capable of taking up to 30kg and comes with a a 2 year warranty. For £195.

Ridgeline Evolution Smock

No UK precision rifle match would be complete without seeing at least a dozen of these on the firing point, waterproof, comfortable with pockets galore. The real question is are you even really a PRS shooter if you don’t own one?

Air Blower for lens cleaning

There is nothing worse than getting water all over your scope, the best way to remove it is to blow it out using a hand pump. It will remove all the water leaving no condensation behind.

Recommended books.

To deep dive into precision rifle and modern shooting techniques we recommend the following books.

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Precision Rifle Marksmanship

This book takes you from legendary shooter Frank Galli’s beginnings as a Marine scout sniper to his present-day job as a marksmanship instructor as he guides new shooters on their journey toward long-range shooting excellence.

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Rimfire Revolution

Rimfire revolution is a must have for anyone looking to start shooting PR22, it covers everything from how rifles are made to what the top shooters are currently using.

Long range hooting handbook
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Long Range Shooting Handbook

This is the preliminary book to help you understand fundamental concepts such as MOA vs Mils and external ballistics, that can be used like a trusted resource at the range.

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Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting 

Don’t be off put by the heavy title, this book takes the concepts of applied ballistics and explains them in everyday terms. You don’t need a science degree to understand it because it’s written to help out the average shooter.

This book balances technical and practical advice, ensuring the reader is not overwhelmed. This is great read in the best long range shooting books line up for understanding ballistic coefficients and what that means for caliber selection.

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Modern Advancements in Long Range Shooting: Volume II

Volume 2 of Modern Advancements in Long Range Shooting contains all new content on the research being done by Applied Ballistics. Author Bryan Litz along with contributing authors Nick Vitalbo and Cal Zant use the scientific method and careful testing to answer the important questions faced by long range shooters. In particular, this volume explores the subject of bullet dispersion including group convergence. Advanced hand-loading subjects are covered such as: bullet pointing and trimming, powder measurement, flash hole deburring, neck tension and fill ratio.

Match Supplies

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Magic erasers, great for removing permanent marker pen from Dope cards after each stage, completely dry and leaving no residue so you can immediately write on them again.

Chinagraph pencils are great for data slates, they write on all surfaces and unlike sharpies will still work when wet.

Fine permanent markers for writing on data slates

Classic Lumocolour permanent markers, with a fine tip they are perfect for writing on scope turrets and on data slates.

Single packed alcohol wipes for removing permanent marker

Classic permanent sharpies for writing on on data slates and match books